Mosaic Personal Development Report


This Mosaic Personal Development Report is for use with any employee who would like to develop both professionally and personally. The report contains a full breakdown of scores on 20 personality facets, competency scores and development tips. The report benefits from the unique approach taken to measuring personality such as identifying blind-spots and understanding when the self-report measure has been over or under-played.

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This Mosaic Personal Development Report is for use with any employee who would like to develop both personally and as a professional. The report is unique in that it offers insight to the individual thay goes beyond what they already know about themself.

Benefits of the Mosaic Personal Development Report:

  • Online completion on any device
  • Direct measure of personality/ behaviours for accuracy and insight
  • highlights blind spots – the only assessment that compares self-report with direct measure of personality/ behaviours
  • Report focused on 12 vital Management and Professional competences
  • Powerful development solution to support an individual with effective on-going development
  • Reports quickly available on completion of the tasks

Format of the Mosaic Personal Development Report

This report provides:

  • Self-Perception accuracy i.e. based on the self-report questionnaire we report on how accurate they have rated themselves, so do they over-estimate or under-estimate their strengths.
  • The report provides a full Big-5 personality profile with the associated personality scales that load onto the Big-5.
  • Then a Competency Potential Profile is presented based on 12 key competences suitable for management and professional roles.
  • Development Tips are provided based on the competences.


The report provides information on the following 12 key competences which have been researched to be vital for management and professional roles:

  1. Leading Others
  2. Achievement Focussed
  3. Planning
  4. Influencing
  5. Innovation
  6. Change & Adaptability
  7. Resilience
  8. Analysing Information
  9. Working with People
  10. Principles & Values
  11. Continual Learning
  12. Decision Making

For the specific role some competences may be more or less important.

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