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Mosaic Candidate Report


The Mosaic Candidate Report is for giving any candidate who has been part of your selection process (successful or unsuccessful) feedback on their personality scores.  The report contains a full breakdown of scores on 20 personality facets and related development tips. The report benefits from the unique approach taken to measuring personality such as identifying blind-spots and understanding when the self-report measure has been over or under-played.

Click here to open a sample Mosaic candidate report in a new tab.

The Mosaic Candidate Report is provided free with any of our selection reports: Expert Report Leadership Selection, Expert Report Selection, Interview Report Leadership, and Interview Report.  We do this as it is good practice to be transparent with candidates about their personality data and we want to encourage recruiters to do this.  Our candidate report can also be used as a simpler alternative to our personal development report as it offers feedback and tips on personality traits (without the additional competency information).

Benefits of the Mosaic Candidate Report:

  • Online completion on any device
  • Direct measure of personality/ behaviours for accuracy and insight
  • highlights blind spots – the only assessment that compares self-report with direct measure of personality/ behaviours
  • Powerful development tips to support an individual with effective on-going development
  • Reports quickly available on completion of the tasks

Format of the Mosaic Personal Development Report

This report provides:

  • Self-Perception accuracy i.e. based on the self-report questionnaire we report on how accurate individuals have rated themselves, so do they over-estimate or under-estimate their strengths.
  • The report provides a full Big-5 personality profile with the associated 20 personality scales that load onto the Big-5.
  • Development Tips are provided based on the personality traits.
  • Capacity for Complexity scales.