Mosaic Report Types

The table below displays all our report types and the population they were intended to be used with.

All of our reports have the following features:

  • Where there is a difference between the self-report scores and objective task scores, they are both visually mapped on each scale (note that only one combined score appears where they agree).
  • A self-perception score which indicates the level to which the individual has over or under estimated their personality. In other words, whether the individual has given answers to their self-report questionnaire which are higher (or lower) than the task scores.

Click on any of the underlined report links below in order to open a sample report in a new window.

The reports in orange are our ASSESS TALENT reports. This includes:

  • Interview Report – specifically designed for interviewing, with tailored questions based on our 12 key competencies.
  • Leadership Interview Report – as above but with additional information on leadership derailers and situational leadership style.
  • Expert Report: Selection – developed for gaining a full personality overview of a candidate covering the big 5 personality traits and 20 underlying facets. Also includes our capacity for complexity scales as well as a competency overview and breakdown.
  • Expert Report: Leadership Selection – as above, but with additional information on leadership derailers and situational leadership styles.
  • Candidate Report – a simple report designed for giving feedback to candidates on their 5 personality traits and underlying facets. This report also includes tips and can be used for development.

The reports highlighted in blue are our DEVELOP TALENT reports. This includes:

  • Personal Development Report – based around the big 5 personality traits and 20 underlying facets. This report also included a section on out 12 competencies, with development tips.
  • Leadership Development Report – this report provides a range of leadership analysis and development tips. It is based around our competency model but also offer insight into leadership style and derailers.

The report highlighted in green is our SAFETY LEADERSHIP report. This includes:

  • Safety Leadership Report – built around our 9 safety leadership competencies (see here for more information), this report provides an analysis of likely strengths and areas for development. It also provides guidance in terms of safety roles that are likely to appeal to the participant.
  • Our safety leadership report is offered in conjunction with a workforce survey which gathers key information on the leadership team’s performance in the 9 safety leadership competencies.