Alan and Johnny at the AMCHAM HSSSE conference in Trinidad.

2019: AMCHAM T&T HSSE conference – Trinidad

Alan and Johnny travelled to Trinidad to present at the AMCHAM T&T HSSE conference – our topic was ‘Using personality assessments to build safety‘. We pesented on the research that links certain personality traits such as conscientiousness and agreeableness to certain safety behaviours (Beus et al., 2015). We also covered how it’s not always a good thing to be at the high end of certain personality traits. For instance, higher levels of self-assurance and devotion to duty related to higher level of pilot error mishaps and incidents (King et al, 2000). We then did our by now customary demo of Mosaic Personality Tasks! We were treated to some great hospitality and had a fantastic time.

Beus, Jeremy & Dhanani, Lindsay & McCord, Mallory. (2015). A Meta-Analysis of Personality and Workplace Safety: Addressing Unanswered Questions. Journal of Applied Psychology. 100. 481-498. 10.1037/a0037916.

King, Raymond & Retzlaff, Paul & Orme, Daniel. (2000). A Comparison of US Air Force Pilot Psychological Baseline Information to Safety Outcomes. 21.