Research exhange offer: free in-depth developmental personality report

Our team of Psychologists have, over the last few years, developed a method of assessing personality through online tasks/games. We are about to launch our Beta product and would like to conduct more validity testing on the product. We are looking for companies/individuals to volunteer to be part of the research in exchange for free validated personality reports (download an example MOSAIC TASKS report here) which can be used for development purposes. The Mosaic wheel above demonstrates the facets of personality that Mosaic measures.

Assessing personality through tasks has a big advantage over traditional questionnaire approaches in that they are difficult to fake and do not depend on individuals ‘knowing’ themselves well. We are developing assessments that will be short and suitable for sifting applicants and longer, more in-depth ones for development purposes.

The research will involve:

  • Completion of 8 Mosaic Tasks (mostly fun to complete!) – 1.5 hours
  • Completion of a personality questionnaire (NEO) – 30 minutes
  • Completion of a short questionnaire by a family member or friend that knows you well – 15 minutes

An example of the report each person who completes the research will receive can be downloaded here. In addition, we would be happy to discuss with companies how they might use the personality reports constructively in their business.

Please contact for more information or to register your interest.