Introducing Mosaic Tasks

Task-based personality assessment

Mosaic is a set of personality tasks that together measure the entire span / range of human personality.  They are designed for workplace selection and employee development with staff from entry level to senior roles.

Mosaic differs from conventional personality questionnaires because no questions are asked.  Instead participants complete a number of short online puzzles, tasks and games designed to assess their personality.

Mosaic is engaging and immersive for participants.  The tasks are typically easy to complete and faking is very difficult to achieve.  Participants are unaware of which aspects of personality are being assessed or how their LIVE reactions are being scored to assess their personality.  Natural and immediate behaviour is captured and then interpreted by our algorithms.

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Unlike personality questionnaires, Mosaic uses personality tasks.  No questions are asked, so there is no opportunity for a candidate to distort their answers, deliberately or otherwise.  Instead Mosaic captures the real time behavioural reactions of a candidate as they complete each task.  It is very difficult for candidates to fake or distort their behaviour on multiple measures of task performance under timed conditions.  In addition, candidates are not aware of the aspects of personality that are being measured and so are not aware of what to distort.  The aspects of personality being measured are typically not obvious from the content of the tasks themselves.  To date, when asked, volunteers have normally been unable to correctly identify them.

80% of volunteers found Personality Tasks enjoyable or very enjoyable to complete

60% of volunteers found Personality Questionnaires enjoyable or very enjoyable to complete

“I thought it was much better to complete tasks than answer questions because I always view the question as circumstantial and not a clean answer.”
“There was less struggle for me with the tasks as opposed to surveys. With surveys I often feel annoyed by not knowing where to rate myself. I find I can act or react differently depending on situations so assigning myself to a box without more context seems more arbitrary than completing a task.”
“I feel that a behaviour preference test (questionnaire) gives better information about a person…unless of course, your job deals with observation skills and analysis.”
“With surveys, not that I did, but I find that people are more likely to rate what their ideal option is as opposed to an honest reflection of their personality. So I do not trust self-report survey.”

No.  The majority of our volunteers who have completed Mosaic were age 45 and over, and were not experienced “gamers” or currently playing computer games on a regular basis.  Nevertheless 80% rated Mosaic tasks as enjoyable or very enjoyable to complete.

Mosaic tasks resemble simple puzzles and challenges rather than fast-moving gameplay, animation or cartoons. We think they are applicable to all age groups and backgrounds.



Shortly, yes.  We currently offer personality assessment for all aspects of Conscientiousness, which is frequently identified in studies as the most important aspect of personality for workplace performance.  Mosaic can provide an almost fake-proof assessment of a candidate’s overall level of Conscientiousness.  This includes providing separate scores on qualities such as being “Systematic & Orderly”; being “Self-Controlled & Disciplined”; having “Self-Belief” and being “Ambitious & Goal-Oriented”.

Our Research & Development programme will shortly produce task-based assessments of all aspects of personality.

  1. Line Manager’s Report: For Selection solutions only; no psychometric terms; minimal interpretation text; helps the Manager to make their selection decision or to sift
  2. Candidate Report: For Selection or Development solutions; for candidate feedback; no psychometric terms; full interpretation text
  3. Expert Report: For Selection or Development solutions; for the psychometrically trained expert; contains psychometric data; full interpretation text; contains “everything”
  4. Expert Profile Only: For Selection solutions only; basic profile with no interpretation text; contains psychometric data; for those who know what they are doing and want to save on costs

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Contact us ( for more information.