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Mosaic combines the self-reflection of a questionnaire approach with the fresh insights of fake-resistant behavioural tasks to provide you with the full personality picture.

High-Stakes Assessment

Developing Talent

Safety Leadership

Personality has traditionally been assessed using self-report questionnaires. This self-report approach offers an insight into how the participant views themselves. However, research has shown that participants can and do ‘fake’ questionnaire responses, particularly in high-stakes situations. Additionally, their accuracy relies on the participant “knowing” themselves well.

On the other hand, Objective Personality Tests (OPT) offer a fake-resistant and objective measure, which is based on how the participant “behaves” while completing tasks. Participants do not know what is being measured so they do not know how to improve their scores.  However, until now these tests have not measured the full range of Big-5 personality traits and related sub-traits.

Mosaic Personality Tasks offer the best of both worlds.

We are delighted to announce that Mosaic Personality Tasks was awarded the prestigious ‘Excellence in Psychometrics 2021‘ award from the Psychometrics Forum.

Psychometrics Forum chair, Tameron Chappell commented:   “It was a pleasure to have MOSAIC back to update us on your long and dedicated journey to creating a tool that is truly about the next evolution. Well deserved award.”

HIGH-STAKES RECRUITMENT: Uncovering hidden gems (and bad apples)

A serious assessment for serious talent.

Mosaic Personality Tasks is a deep and insightful assessment built around the big-5 personality traits. It was specifically developed for high-stakes recruitment where the cost of “getting it wrong” is significant. Our tasks offer the following unique benefits:

  • Extremely difficult for candidates to ‘fake’ results
  • Provides an accurate measure of when candidates have over or under estimated their personality (our ‘self-perception’ scale)
  • Highlights blind-spots not known to candidates
  • Identifies unrealised strengths

Uncover deep and robust personality insights, without the faking.

One of the biggest issues with personality questionnaires is that it is easy for candidates to exaggerate their strengths. This is particularly problematic in high-stakes recruitment. Mosaic Personality Tasks measure a candidate’s behaviours on 8 carefully designed tasks.  The candidates are unaware of what is being measured. Therefore, the tasks (unlike questionnaires) are extremely difficult to manipulate. The 8 tasks provide a behavioural measure of 25 personality traits and 12 key professional work competencies.

Objective Personality Testing, without the smoke and mirrors

Our personality assessment is validated, transparent and reliable. It has been honed over several years of research and shared regularly with our psychology peers as testament to its accuracy. For those that like the details we are very happy to share our technical manual! In 2021 our thorough approach was rewarded when we won an ‘Excellence in Psychometrics’ award.

Reports that help recruiters ask the right questions.

Mosaic is unique in that we take a self-report questionnaire measure of personality and compare it against our task-based objective measure. This allows the interviewer to probe any potential blind-spots or areas of likely exaggeration. Any splits are highlighted on our reports, which have the following features:

  • Tailored interview questions on any areas of concern.
  • Any ‘blockers’ to performance highlighted on the report.
  • 12 professional competencies; from Leading Others to Decision Making.
  • Capacity for Complexity scores calculated: verbal; numerical; abstract.
  • *Leadership Derailers (Feelings of Superiority; Potential to Manipulate; Displays of Low Empathy and Impulsive Acts) are highlighted.
  • *Situational Leadership style and related strengths/concerns identified.
  • Go to the Report Types page to view samples and find out more about our ASSESS TALENT reports.

DEVELOPING TALENT: A personality tool offering unparalleled insight for leadership and personal development.

Uncover hidden strengths and personality insights

Mosaic Personality Tasks enables a deep level of self-discovery through its unique approach to personality assessment. The tool is built around the big-5 personality traits. Mosaic is different in that it compares an individual’s behaviour on a series of objective personality tasks against their personality questionnaire answers. This offers the following benefits:

  • A high degree of transparency and robustness with differences between self and task measures displayed on the reports.
  • Identifies unrealised strengths, which participants can then utilise in order to boost their performance
  • Highlights unknown blind-spots which participants can reflect on and put in place strategies to manage.

An immersive and novel participant experience

Mosaic Personality Tasks measure a candidate’s behaviours on 8 carefully designed tasks.  The participants are unaware of what is being measured. Therefore, the tasks (unlike questionnaires) are extremely difficult to manipulate. The 8 tasks provide a behavioural measure of 25 personality measures and 12 professional work competencies. They are absorbing to complete and are deliberately ‘task-like’, thus providing a measure of ‘personality at work’.

Feedback that sparks reflection

Any differences between Task and Self scores are displayed in the reports and help to challenge an individual’s perception of themselves. They can be used to prompt developmental reflection such as “do I behave differently from the way I think I do”, “is my perception of myself out of date?” or “am I different at work?”. In other words, Mosaic provides more insight than those assessments that rely solely on self-assessment.

Comprehensive reporting designed for self-discovery

Our leadership and personal development reports have the following features:

  • A breakdown on the big-5 personality traits and 20 sub-traits; with any task/questionnaire splits highlighted and fully interpreted.
  • A full Strengths profile
  • Preferences highlighted on 12 professional work competencies; from Leading Others to Decision Making.
  • Comprehensive development tips for competencies and overplayed/underplayed personality traits.
  • Our Leadership report identifies Leadership derailers, personal Situational Leadership style (from 25 styles) and related strengths/concerns.
  • Go to the Report Types page to view samples and find out more about our DEVELOP TALENT reports.

DEVELOPING SAFETY LEADERS: Actionable feedback designed to improve your leadership team’s safety performance.

Safety Leadership Competencies that make a real difference

Our approach is based on our Safety Leadership competency model which combines three core areas: Effective collaboration; Psychological Safety and the Proactive Management of Risks.

Our approach

Leadership plays a pivotal role in achieving safe results. However, traditional interventions miss an essential layer of information that help leaders reach their full potential – targeted feedback on their personality and performance. Our approach offers the following benefits:

  • Feedback built around nine carefully crafted Safety Leadership competencies. Read more about these here.
  • Quantitative and qualitative insights gathered using a workforce survey, workshops and a personality assessment.
  • Objective feedback on personality preferences helps leaders identify strengths and potential gaps as individuals, and as a team.
  • Expert support in understanding feedback and creating plans for the future.

Targeted feedback on Safety Leadership performance

The workforce survey is designed to measure how effectively the senior team is currently leading on safety. This feedback is then mapped against the leadership team’s personality data in order to identify gaps and strengths.  There are three questions for each of the 9 safety leadership competencies. The questions are aimed at understanding the workforce’s opinions on leadership behaviour, as well as feedback on the systems and processes in place.


Insights into safety leadership competencies preferences, potential and gaps

Through combining a self-report questionnaire with an objective (fake-resistant) task measure, our award winning* personality assement provides a deeper insight into competency preferences, blind spots and undiscovered strengths – all of which are clearly outlined in our comprehensive reports.

Each of the nine safety leadership competencies is scored based on the leader’s natural personality preferences.  For each competency, areas of potential and concern are highlighted, creating an extremely rich picture for each leader. Carefully designed development tips help guide leaders toward next steps. Leaders are encouraged to reflect on their own performance, as well as that of the team.

The data is collated and the leadership team will have a final collaborative workshop to discuss what they’ve discovered. Through a series of engaging exercises, the team can identify where improvements are needed and opportunities for growth exist – giving them valuable insight to build on in the future.

Go to the Report Types page to view and find out more about our SAFETY LEADERSHIP report.

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